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Create a Character
Note: Make sure the name you would like to use isnt used already, by checking the List of Clubbers on the homepage before you make a character. If the name has been used and you still want to use that name then spell it differently. If 2 of the same names are found, your name, will be changed without notice. Let this be your warning as you are the newer account and the name you used was there first.

Also remember to keep birthdates consistent. If you do not you can and will be punished. If you want your age private so it doesnt mark you as an alt, which most people dont even notice that birthdays mark people as alts, then check the box to make your birthday/age private.

Dont forget that it falls on you if you dont check ALL the boxes below. Its your job, not ours, to make sure you read and know the privacy policy and terms. If you break them you cant say you never saw them or dont know where they are when its listed next to the check box. This keeps you from holding against us things we dont do as we state there everything to protect you.

How will you be known in The Complex? (spaces are allowed)
Enter a password:
Re-enter it for confirmation:
Enter your email address: (required, an email will be sent to this address to verify it before you can log in)

And are you a Female or a Male?

Please enter your date of birth. It will be used to show which age group you belong to. DO NOT LEAVE BLANK!
Month: Day: Year
Tick this box if you wish your actual age to remain private. (You will still get birthday gifts.)

Welcome to The Complex. This is a 17+ only site. Please make sure you are 17+. Don't lie about it either cause we will find out.

Character Creation currently does not work. Please contact Staff via our Discord channel, under the Cop Call channel(instructions for creating a Cop Call are pinned messages in that channel!) Please have your Character Name, Character Gender/Sex, your Email Address, and your Date of Birth to expedite the process!

No really, this page does not function right now, you need to contact us via a
Cop Call or your issue won't be noticed.

   I am at or over the age of 17.

This site does not condone the release of personal information. By checking this box you agree that any information released was by personal choice alone and that this site shall not be held responsible for any consequences from the release of this information.

This site has a terms and conditions and privacy policy at the bottom of the page on the right. Its under the Bulletin Board. It is your responsibility to read it either before or after you join. If you do not then you will not know why you are getting in trouble for breaking it. So please take 5 minutes of your time and read it. By checking this box you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. Its not the sites fault if you never actually read it!

Please enter your Birthday:

Month Day Year

Characters that have never been logged into will be deleted after 7 day(s) of no activity.
Characters that have never reached level 2 will be deleted after 45 days of no activity.
Characters that have reached level 2 at least once will be deleted after 60 days of no activity.
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