The Complex
The Complex is a gothic club made for those who are 17+ and want to dance, drink, Dance-Battle other dancers that seem to have taken over the dance floor, and just have fun. You can meet new people and even travel down the road to the city and other clubs. Anything can happen at a club or in the city. So take the moving floor to the doors, push them open, and come on in.

The current time in Club Complex is 3:09 pm.
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The newest clubber is: Maureen

There are a total of 165,102 Victorian Aristocrat Battles to date.
There are a total of 948 Clubbers in the club.

[ Shout Outs ]

Today is: Tuesday, July 29th, 2014
The most recent clubber to win the battle with Vin Diesel is: Muffin Booty Ditzy Doo

Most Aristocrat Battles: Šarkend Obsidian

"The Fun Begins At The End of Your Comfort Zone" by: Nyx

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Quote: Dark Knight Astovidatu tells gurl she be pretteh and she be like no <.< continues to tell gurl she is pretteh, she be like no. After a year of the same game, he suddenly stops commenting on her pictures and she gets pissed off cause he doesnt' call her beautiful anymore >-> da fuq up with dat shiz
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