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yrnon and Keldan was seen trying to cuddle Larson. Awww! Isn't that just too cute?
Larson was seen trying to huggle Tyrnon and Keldan. Don't they look cute?
Demoness of the Night Selrana was seen trying to lick Dragon Goddess Nyx. Did they taste good?
Demoness of the Night Selrana was seen trying to bite Newbie Megitsune. I'd make sure they had their rabies shot, if I was you!
Something Wicked Shade was seen trying to whistle at VIP Ivy! Hey! Someone finds someone else sexy!
Chocolate Wasted Adonis has become known as Hmmmmm Adonis.
Quote:  Maximum Effort Xerapho sits on her shoulder with a pitchfork like she's the new Kronk. "Do it, Harper. Say it."
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