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Oncoming Storm Mobius was seen trying to grope Caitlin Snow. Boy, someone really is in a feisty mood today, huh?
Starved Lilith was seen trying to wink at King For a Day Gage. Are we subtly flirting?
King For a Day Gage was seen blowing Starved Lilith a kiss. Someone sure is in love!
Snowflake Kiss Lucretia was seen trying to kidnap Viktor. Maybe they wanted to fuck them against their will or make them their slave.
Lady Inara was seen trying to poke Velociraptor Jorge. Does it hurt or tickle?
Lady Inara was seen trying to poke Duncan. Does it hurt or tickle?
Lady Inara was seen giving Nina Taylor a passionate kiss. Just look at those two love birds. Don't they look cute together?
Quote: <SoA> Mr. Scrooge, A.K.A. Lynx says, "The Creature known as Mina has been slain! The people all around, rejoice! Dante is given the title Mina Slayer, for having slain Mina 1 times!"
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