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Newbie Gilgamesh was seen trying to pounce Stargazing Allison. Try and not fall over now!
Club Goer Kelborn was seen trying to wave to Sweet and Sour Moiren. Did they notice the wave?
Club Goer Kelborn You just gave Keya
a Jaw Dropping Stare O.o. Now close your mouth before you catch flies.
Lone Wolf Wynter was seen trying to cuddle Newbie Blade. Awww! Isn't that just too cute?
Speak of the Devil; Angel defeated Starr Mage Jonathan in fair combat in the fields of Club Complex.
peak of the Devil; Angel has been slain while attacking Šarkend Obsidian in the fields of Club Complex.
"You know, Speak of the Devil; Angel really had it coming to her after all those things I said about her mom," commented Šarkend Obsidian.
Newbie Gilgamesh was seen trying to lick Disgraced Ally. Did they taste good?
Quote: Blasphemy Rarasoh sippy sippys "I love her! And Zaine zaine.. I'm the voice of your wanking hand so sh ya face." ;)
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