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~Pandora's Box~
A realm with its own story and background. Walk with the Gods, and take part in a war that may change the realm forever. What will you do, when Destiny calls?
`c~Pandora\'s Box~`c
When the last healthy humans left the ruined remains of Earth, they found themselves in a new world with familiar creatures and new ones. The beings that ruled allowed for their civilizations to live side by side in peace, and for a time, it was indeed peaceful. But where there is peace, there is someone or something wanting to end it. War erupted and an immense amount of energy was released, attracting a devilish beast. Through the sky came a dragon of legend, Elshilum, burning away the surface of this world within days. The fires and destruction caused an event forever known as the Ashfall which has left Imladrin in a state of disparity. After the 250 years of the Ashfall, old and new survivors emerge to take on the dangers.. How will You take on this place and its wonders?
Star Wars Online RPG
A browser based role playing game, based on Star Wars
Enter the Galaxy and begin your story, will you join the Jedi Order and seek to bring balance to the Force?
Or maybe turn to the
Dark Side and join the Sith,
or perhaps even seek to rid the Galaxy of both factions once and for all, the paths to follow are limitless!
Star Wars Online RPG
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