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~Pandora's Box~
A realm with its own story and background. Walk with the Gods, and take part in a war that may change the realm forever. What will you do, when Destiny calls?
`c~Pandora\'s Box~`c
Star Wars Online RPG
A browser based role playing game, based on Star Wars
Enter the Galaxy and begin your story, will you join the Jedi Order and seek to bring balance to the Force?
Or maybe turn to the
Dark Side and join the Sith,
or perhaps even seek to rid the Galaxy of both factions once and for all, the paths to follow are limitless!
Star Wars Online RPG
A whole new realm to get lost in, just one corner of an immersive world. Build your house in the hometown of your race - will you find yourself in the capital city of Polis in Aedadin, the ports of Onolis in Zo'ackra, or the hidden forest city of Kalos in Fidelia? Follow your rightful god - are you after lust, or chaos? War, or creation? Challenge Syrena Crowe, once the daughter of a humble family, now the realm's most feared Evil Sorceress. Study the lore of the realm, from the history of the Illuminated and the Untouchables, to the Allure of the Wanderers and the Unseen.

Once you step foot into the world of
Vennadore, your life will be changed forever; you'll find yourself wanting to travel and explore the very edges of he world, as you start off as just a humble street urchin, moving your way up the ranks, eyeing the ranks of the Court itself.
The World of Stories; where anything can happen. Just let your imagination take you on your adventure.
0% Gameplay 100% Roleplay
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