Staff List
Staff List

NameSex Job Title Online Job Title Description
Boss Lady Sara Nacht Club Owner
Human Resources
Magazine Owner
Senior Administrator
Head of Staff
Magazine Editor-In-Chief
Common Strey Mistreya Head Lighting & Sound Technician - On Leave Senior Administrator
His Shortbread Violet Head Lighting & Sound Technician - On Leave Senior Administrator
Cryptic Deception Head Lighting & Sound Technician Senior Administrator
Their Sugar Cookie Iris Lighting & Sound Technician Administrator
Yippee Ki Avery Lighting & Sound Technician Administrator
Crymmy Lighting & Sound Technician
Human Resources - Coordinator
Head of Moderators - Supervising and Firing
EL Danto Assistant Lighting & Sound Technician Junior Administrator
No Mercy From Mercer Bouncer - On Leave Moderator
Rayen Bouncer Moderator
Sweet & Sour Sybil Bouncer - On Leave Moderator

OwnerOwnerOwnerOwnerOwnerOwnerOwnerOwner in chat denotes Site Owner.
CoOwnerCoOwnerCoOwnerCoOwnerCoOwner CoOwner CoOwnerCoOwner in chat denotes Site Co-Owner.
SrAdminSrAdminSrAdminSrAdminSrAdminSrAdminSrAdminSrAdmin in chat denotes Senior Administrator.
SrAdmin in chat denotes Administrator & Coder (when both positions).
AdminAdminAdminAdminAdminAdminAdminAdmin in chat denotes Administrator.
JrAdminJrAdminJrAdminJrAdminJrAdminJrAdminJrAdminJrAdmin in chat denotes Junior Administrator.
SrModSrModSrModSrModSrModSrModSrModSrMod in chat denotes Senior Moderator.
ModModModModModModModMod in chat denotes Moderator.
JrModJrModJrModJrModJrModJrModJrModJrMod in chat denotes Junior Moderator.
CoderCoderCoderCoderCoderCoderCoderCoder in chat denotes Coder.

Be advised: Staffers here at The Complex are responsible for various tasks and therefore may be busy when you send in a Cop Call or personally Text Message them. Please have patience when awaiting a response.

We thank you for your continued support, and hope you enjoy your time here at The Complex.

Development Staff

NameSex Description Online Rang
Boss Lady Sara Nacht Interior Designer Consultant Development Staff Manager
Common Strey Mistreya Interior Designer Consultant Development Staff Manager
His Shortbread Violet Head Interior Designer Head of Development Staff
Pretty Little Psycho Echo Interior Designer Development Staff
Their Sugar Cookie Iris Interior Designer Development Staff
Crymmy Interior Designer Development Staff

Development in chat denotes Development Staff.

Magazine Staff

NameSex Description Online Rang
Boss Lady Sara Nacht Editor-In-Chief
ClaryFray Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Magazine in chat denotes Magazine Staff.

Roleplay Staff

NameSex Description Online
FireStarteR Mattley Bartender
Motherfucking Rock Hard Head Bouncer
Sparkly Ass Bird Bitch Ahriman Nacht TC's Resident Snuggle Whore
Graceful Lickable Sena TC's Resident Female Whore
Piano Man Alexander Resident Musician

Bartender in chat denotes Bartender.

Bouncer in chat denotes Bouncer.

Crown in chat denotes Sexiest Man or Woman.

Whore in chat denotes Resident Whore.

Snuggle in chat denotes Resident Snuggle Whore.

Piano in chat denotes Resident Musician.


NameSex Description Online Type of Music DJ Plays
Boss Lady Sara Nacht Radio Complex Head DJ
DJ Trainer & Hirer
Various Genres
His Shortbread Violet Radio Complex DJ Various Genres
Sparkly Ass Bird Bitch Ahriman Nacht Radio Complex DJ Various Genres
DJ Cent Radio Complex DJ Various Genres
Miss Jackson Margaret Radio Complex DJ Various Genres
Allena Radio Complex DJ Various Genres

DJ in chat denotes DJ.

Host/Hostess List

NameSex Description Online
Boss Lady Sara Nacht Hostess of Random Trivia
Common Strey Mistreya Hostess of Random Trivia

From time to time you will have a guest host. If there are any problems with anything about trivia please send in a cop call. Thank you.

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