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Quote: <JuGS> Jazzy Bih Kendra says, "You could also cheat on yourself and break up with yourself for cheating, but secretly want to get back with yourself because, besides what you told your friends, you still kind of love yourself. You constantly block and unblock yourself on your phone, and stalk your own Facebook page. Sadly, you are forced to wake up with yourself and see yourself at work/school. You have a deep conversation with yourself which leads to flirting with yourself and, later, a steamy night of toe-curling passion with yourself. You try to forget yourself and burn all your pictures but feel drawn to yourself, and are hurt in a rampage over your conflicting emotions. You go to see yourself at the hospital and everything is fine until you go into critical condition. You hold yourself in your arms as your last breath leaves your body. Yourself is sad until they encounter your uber hot cousin at your funeral, but they don't because they died in a similar way to you."
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