Call The Cops
Please remember that contacting ANY staffer offsite is in violation of the rules. This will be your only warning. If you ignore this and contact ANY one of us on any means other than a cop call or replying to the email we sent you, you will be punished right away.

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Title of the problem:
Description of the problem:
If you are petitioning for Character Creation, please ensure to include the name, email address, DOB, and gender of the character.

If you can, kindly provide a screenshot of the issue as this will help us in finding a solution to the problem.
You can utilize an application called Lightshot here: Lightshot
Lightshot Link Here:

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Please be as descriptive as possible in your cop call. If you have questions about how the game works, please check out the FAQ. Remember, if you are not signed in, and do not provide an email address, we have no way to contact you.
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