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Star Wars Online RPG
A browser based role playing game, based on Star Wars
Enter the Galaxy and begin your story, will you join the Jedi Order and seek to bring balance to the Force?
Or maybe turn to the
Dark Side and join the Sith,
or perhaps even seek to rid the Galaxy of both factions once and for all, the paths to follow are limitless!
Star Wars Online RPG
The World of Stories; where anything can happen. Just let your imagination take you on your adventure.
0% Gameplay 100% Roleplay
Quote: <Wild> Moonflower Hollyrath sits here watching the others come and go before she sets a single deep blood red rose she hadn't really spoken much to her in years but, she remembered a lot that she wouldn't say here as those were her memories best kept to herself. She tilts her head as she whispers Keep watch over us all not to closely though you never know what you might see that you didn't wish to see. Say hello to those we miss. Sing with family and friends old and new. Don't worry to much about us left here. We are going to be okay one day. As her words fade off she hides deep within the shadows she can find. She didn't wish to be seen nor spoken to.
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