Multi-City Questions
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Questions about the multiple city system

1. Why, oh why did you activate such a (choose one [wondrous, horrible]) feature?
For kicks, of course. We like to mess with your head.
But seriously, have you looked at the user list? On, we've got over 6,000 people cramming themselves into the City and trying to get their voices heard! Too much! Too much!
In the interests of sanity, we've made more chat boards. And in the interests of game continuity, we've put them into separate cities with many cool new features.

If you are a smaller server, this might not be right for you, but we think it works okay there too.

2. How do I go to other cities?
Walk, skate, take the bus...
Or press the Travel link (in the City Gates category) in the navigation bar.

3. How does travelling work?
Pretty well, actually. Thanks for asking.
You get some number of free travels per day (15 on this server) in which you can travel to any other village you want. Also, it is possible for the admin to give additional free travels with some mounts. After that, you use up one dance battle per travel. After that...well, we hope you like where you end up. Since all major economic transactions come through Club Complex (the capital of the region), the roads to and from there have been fortified to protect against monsters from wandering onto them. That was a while back though, and the precautions are no longer perfect.
Travel between the other cities have no such precautions.
In either case, you might want to heal yourself before travelling. You have been warned.

4. Where's (the Inn, the dance floor, my dance instructor, etc.)?
Look around. Do you see it? No? Then it's not here.
The problem's usually:
a) It's actually there, you just missed it the first time around.
b) It's in another city, try travelling.
c) It's not on this server, check out the LoGD Net link on the login page.
d) Are you sure you didn't just see that feature in a dream?

5. I've used up my free travels and dance battles. How do I travel now?
We hope you like where you've ended up, because you're stuck there until the next new day.

6. Can I pay for more travels?
No, but you can just plain pay us. Check out the Donator's Lounge. Actually, we are considering it.

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