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Welcome to The Complex!!!

Please note before reading the rules that this game is to offer players ages 18+ a place to hang out and chat in a club-themed setting. The Staff would like to remind everyone that this is a fantasy game and that many of the actions that take place here are perceived as fantasy. The staff at The Complex care for the overall well-being of the players and DO NOT support or encourage illegal acts in any players personal real-world lives.

Here at The Complex, we have a ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY. This means anybody who breaks the rules regardless of accidental mistakes, ignorance, or justifying certain circumstances WILL be given out a punishment based on the situation.

The Staff reserves the right to remove any content that is posted on the site if they believe it is not necessary. Contacting Staff outside of Cop Calls about a punishment delivered by another staff member will not get the punishment overridden or resolved. If you have a problem with the situation, you may send in a Cop Call explaining your grievances. Rules are meant to be followed -- if you commit the crime, you do the time. When a staff member issues a warning or a punishment, that decision is final, and should not be continued in chat.

All site related opinions (including any changes the site makes, personal thoughts and ideas, comments about what the staff say, the rules, etc.) are only dealt with via Cop Call. You may not contact any staff outside of the site about site issues and doing so will result in punishment.

You may not contact any other staff member that is not on the level of the one that has first handled your Cop Call. For example: If an administrator has first responded to your Cop Call and you have an issue with your resolution you must go to another administrator. If anyone lower contacts you first, like a moderator, you may go to anyone higher.

Cyber Rules We Do Not Tolerate:
You MUST read these rules thoroughly if you wish to engage in sexual intercourse.

The Complex, though it may allow sex, is not a sex-based RPG. If someone wants to have a roleplay that does not involve sex, do not pester or pressure them about it. Doing so will result in punishment.

1. Age of Consent: We are taking into consideration the Age of Consent of all countries. We know some places allow sexual things to be done at 15, but due to our United States laws of consent and the Federal and International laws of consent with online sexual interaction we are only allowing 18+ NO MATTER where you live. This includes NPCs.

2. No Cyber Sex Outside of Designated Areas: The designated areas are Sinner's Row, Houses, Text Messages, and Club Hell. If a staff member thinks you are going too far with your roleplay outside a designated area and asks you to stop, please move to one of these designated areas.

- Links to or for sexual content will be treated as cyber sex. They are not allowed outside text messages. If they are seen in ANY chat ANYWHERE (this includes houses) they will be removed and you will be warned.

3. Sexual Harassment & Cyber Rape: Do not pester someone who has told you that they are not interested. On TC, we take this very seriously. If you try and force yourself on someone, that is deemed to be cyber rape. NO MEANS NO!

- Rape in consent is acceptable, however, you must make sure that BOTH parties consent to a rape roleplay. Staff reserves the right to inquire whether or not an RP is consensual at any point during the questioned Roleplay. If it is determined that a roleplay is not consensual for both parties there will be immediate punishment.

4. Ageplay: We do not tolerate ageplay at all. There is too much of a grey area with it. It can get the owner and the site in deep trouble if it isn't done just right so it's not allowed. If you are caught doing it, it's an immediate permanent ban.

5. Incest: We know a lot of you like this but as it is illegal nearly everywhere except a few countries we can no longer allow it on the realm. Anyone found doing so will be punished immediately.

6. Bestiality: Absolutely no sexual interaction with animals and humans are to be allowed at all.

What interactions ARE allowed:
- Animal on Animal
- Humanoid on Humanoid (Neko is allowed as long as there is no tail play) Humanoid also includes Demons, Vampires, and similar races/species.

There is absolutely no tail play, regardless of what sort of character you have.

If the character is being portrayed as a humanoid their genitalia must also be that of a human. Meaning that your character can not be humanoid and have the penis/vagina of a wolf.

What is NOT allowed:
- Humanoids with genitalia of an animal
- Animals with genitalia of a humanoid

General Rules We Do Not Tolerate:

1. Cheating: Trying to hack the server or someone's password is not allowed. Attempting to use another player's password is not allowed under any circumstances. All accounts involved will be IMMEDIATELY banned. If you think someone is trying to access your account without your permissions, please send a Cop Call right away.

2. Evading Mutes & Ban: This includes, but is not limited to: logging onto alternative characters to chat and/or making a new character to continue a roleplay you had. If a mute or a temporary ban has been issued, refrain from getting around the punishment by using an alt character or another IP/proxy; doing so will result in another mute and/or an escalated punishment.

3. Staff Disrespect: Anyone disrespecting Staff, trying to run the site, or not listening will be punished. Staff is staff, no matter what rank, and should be respected. If you have a problem with a staff member you can feel free to send in a Cop Call.

- When a staff member speaks up, it would be a good idea to listen to what they have to say. If you have any problems with a warning a staff member issues in chat, feel free to send a
Cop Call. Staff try to make sure that each Cop Call is read promptly and want to be as accommodating as possible for our players, but we are not obligated to give into any players demands if we feel that they are breaking the rules. Please understand that when a decision is reached that it is final.

4. Cyber Bullying/Harassment: Cruelty towards other players is not allowed. You will be punished for sending rude texts and posting rude comments. If you send a text message to a player and they do not respond, do not send further excessive text messages to them. If necessary, use the Ignore function in your Text Messages Contact Search to prevent someone from contacting you further. If you feel that another player is harassing you, Staff encourages you to send a Cop Call right away.

- Derogatory terms that are used to slander a person's race, religion, sexual orientation, or mental state are not allowed.

- To clarify, this can include off-site abuse that is affecting your on-site experience. Please be sure to provide us with unedited photographic evidence to support your claims as we can't do anything without it.

- If you feel you have been harassed, DO NOT engage your attacker. Doing so will not only give them what they want but will instigate yourself as being at fault as well. Immediately send in a
Cop Call and do not contact the other party until Staff has taken care of the situation.

Punishment for Cyber Bullying/Harassment can result in an IMMEDIATE ban.

5. Disclosure of Personal Information: The Complex has a privacy policy and terms of service on the very bottom right of the site on the Bulletin Board. The Staff will not give your information to anyone. As for players willing to exchange information, you are to keep it in text messages. Exposing someone elses personal information is not allowed, including but not limited to, real names, addresses, alternate characters, emails, Skype/Discord names, etc.

- Cyber Stalking via IP, email phishing, Facebook laundering and any other non-consensual information can and will be seen as "Criminal Intent" which we take very seriously, and the site has a
ZERO TOLERANCE on this subject. Your Privacy is important to not only the individual but to the staff as well.

This is a very serious offense, and there will be repercussions if it is found that players are violated off-site as well as on-site. Please be sure to provide us with unedited photo evidence to support your claim. We can't do anything without it if it was off-site.

6. Alternate Characters: You are allowed a maximum of FIVE total characters only.

- As of
January 20, 2015: If any of your characters are deleted for inactivity, you are allowed ONE restore only per character. We as staff won't be taking responsibility for character expiration. It's your job as a player to log into each of your characters faithfully.

- If you are going to be away for an extended amount of time for any reason (finances, moving, etc.) send us a CC so we can take measures to prevent your characters from being deleted. If those reasons keep you from fully returning and make you have to keep coming and going, do let us know so that we can allow you to keep never expire so it doesn't have to keep coming on and off.

- If there is more than 1 person on the IP (Household) you
MUST send in a Cop Call and let us know. If you don't tell us all characters will be assumed to be yours.

7. Avatar Regulations: No full on nudity at all. This means that all genitalia need to be covered; this includes penises, vaginas, and nipples on a female character's breasts (covering them can include: turning your body, using your arms, or crossing your legs). No sexual content at all. This means that all types of sex, masturbation, sexual body fluid or body fluid/excretion used in a sexual manner is not allowed in avatars. Staff reserves the right to remove your avatar, or ask you to change it to something that complies with the rules.

8. Roleplay: The Complex is an RPG. This stands for ROLEPLAYING GAME. We have a huge amount of fantastic roleplayers and too often are they told that they shouldn't be roleplaying. This is unacceptable behavior and may see punishment if you do this. If a roleplay is interrupting your out of character conversation, either move to another chat or ignore it; there are multiple clubs/cities on the site that we encourage you to utilize. Club Complex is not the only chat.

- Real life drama isnt allowed in chat at all. Talking about your real life situations or events is perfectly fine. If you plan on making a comment to something someone said about their real life that may cause drama or a quarrel or you want to say something that directly offends someone else whether they play TC or not please keep it off-site or in text messages. We realize that some of you dont know everyone and do want to "vent" in open chat but if its going to cause an uproar it would be best to either not say it or just leave it off-site or in text messages.

9. Spam: As previously stated, excessive sending of cop calls is considered spam. We also consider using more than 4 of the same character in a row spam. Just a reminder, we have always considered excessive sending of messages and pokes to catch a player or staff member's attention or harass them as spam also. If you choose to disregard this rule, you will be punished.

- Excessive sending of
Cop Calls is considered spam. If your Cop Call isn't answered immediately, do not panic. Staff may be working on another issue and sending in multiple Cop Calls will not make it go any faster. Please be aware that not all Staff have the same powers so the one you see online may not be able to help with your issue.

10. Speaking About Other Realms: Please make sure to keep communications about other realms out of the open chat -- keep it to Text Messages or Houses. If you wish to discuss a realm with another player, you must have their implied consent. Unsolicited advertisement or link to another realm will be considered spam and will possibly result in a mute. If it is in regards to them joining staff on said realm please make sure you do it off-site.

If you need any further clarification on ANY of the rules please send a Cop Call to the Staff and we will answer all questions to the best of our ability.

Once again, welcome and get your kink on!

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