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The Complex's Story

The Complex was created by Sara. It started out as a run down place and was made into what it is today. Sara come along the building and saw its potential. She wanted a place for people to have fun. Somewhere the older crowd could go to just get away. It took many months and lots of changes before perfecting it. Music and hiring a DJ was the hardest part of anything here at the club.

Looking back on everything, Sara is proud to say she has made a great place to chill. The only problem Sara faces is the mess of creatures on the dance floor. She cant seem to get them out of the club. Maybe you can help her? Everything at the club is free except for drinks, vip rewards, and what ever some shop might sell.

After hearing how the club started, you walk up to a heavy black door with a skull on it. The man at the door asks to see your ID. You show him and he checks that you are at least 18. You enter and see all the people in the club. Once inside you decided to...

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