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Privacy Policy

We take privacy seriously and want you to feel comfortable using this web site. This Privacy Policy deals with personal information that may be collected by us on this site. This Policy does not apply to things that we do not own or users that are not our staff. Please take time to read our Terms of Use.

1. Our registration process requires only a valid e-mail address and a unique user ID and password. Like many web sites, we automatically receive information such as your IP address and cookie information.

2. We use data to customize and improve your user experience on this site. We will make sure that your data will not be provided to third parties unless you consent to it or you violate this policy and the terms of use.

3. We do not allow people under the age of seventeen or younger to become members of this site.

4. We provide you with the ability to edit the information that you provided to us in the initial registration, via the preferences. You may request deletion of your account by contacting Sara through this email: sara@the-complex.net or send in a cop call on or off site. Even though your account was deleted some of your data may still be on this site, such as chat comments.

5. We may make changes to this policy at any point. You will know about the changes to this policy via a Daily Kinks post.

6. Site staff have the right to monitor all site activity. Our rights are as follows: reading your messages, and following your comments throughout the game. This is done to keep the site safe for all users.

7. If you have any questions about this Policy or our website, please contact Sara by means of this email address: sara@the-complex.net or via in game text message or a cop call on or off site.

Please respect people when they don't want to tell you their personal information. People aren't supposed to give it out and those begging for it countless times will be

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