Staff List
Staff List

NameSex Job Title Job Title Description Online
Bosslady Sara Owens Club Owner
Board of Directors
Human Resources
Magazine Owner
Senior Administrator
Head of Staff
Magazine Editor-In-Chief
Disaster Faye Board of Directors
Lighting & Sound Technician
Daemon Sultan; Vincent Board of Directors
Lighting & Sound Technician
Hearts Burst Into Fire; Kaien Lighting & Sound Technician Administrator
Aubrey Lighting & Sound Technician Administrator
Velociraptor Jorge Lighting & Sound Technician Administrator
Steal my Love; Rosaline Bouncer Moderator

Owner in chat denotes Site Owner.
SrAdmin in chat denotes Administrator & Coder (when both positions).
Coder in chat denotes Coder.
SrAdmin Admin Admin in chat denotes Administrator.
JrAdmin in chat denotes Administrator In Training.
SrMod Mod in chat denotes Moderator.
JrMod in chat denotes Moderator In Training.
Development in chat denotes Development Staff.

Be advised: Staffers here at The Complex are responsible for various tasks and therefore may be busy when you send in a Cop Call or personally Text Message them. Please have patience when awaiting a response.

We thank you for your continued support, and hope you enjoy your time here at The Complex.

In Memoriam List

NameSex Honorary Title Description Online
Who The Hell Is, Iris Head Lighting & Sound Technician Senior Administrator

Quote: Moonlit Cayde Learned early, "Do unto others, what you would want them to do to you. So I started biting folks."
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