The Complex
The Complex is a gothic world.

Club Complex is the main club in this world of unique places. Here one can dance, drink, dance-battle beings that seem to have taken over the dance floor, and just have fun.
You can meet
new people and even travel down the road to an island, countries, and other clubs where anything can happen. So gather your things, prepare for fun, and come on in.

The current time in Club Complex is 4:08 am.
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The newest clubber is: Newbie Lucy

There are a total of 123,992 Victorian Aristocrat Battles to date.
There are a total of 389 Clubbers in the club.

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Today is: Saturday, May 18th, 2024
The most recent clubber to win the battle with Vin Diesel is: The One For You Wolferius

Most Aristocrat Battles: always be a fan; Magnolia

Sleeping with the bartender won't get you free drinks, but it's worth a shot.

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Quote: <Myth> Gothic Beauty Dawn steps up with a black rose with red tips in hand, she sighs heavily knowing this was all she could do. Standing before the shrine of her friend, cousin, taking in everything that laid out at the foot, tied to things. A sad smile formed on her lips, "Iris you were truly loved my dear and will be missed by many. When I heard, I lost it" Exhales as she lifts a gloved hand to wipe away a tear with a free hand, "Even though we drifted apart, I still carry the time we had together. It sucks you aren't here with us but that won't stop us from keeping your memories alive." Kneeling down she places the rose at the base of the shrine, feeling numb even being here, the woman wanted to pay her respect to her old friend, "Fly free old friend. You're in no more pain. Live on in hearts of many..." Straightening up, she would turn and descended down from the shrine. Before someone would stop Dawnie, she disappeared into the shadows.
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